Smart Building Consulting

Our consultants are experts in enabling Smart Real Estate projects from beginning to end. We focus on visioning, system selection, energy conservation measures through implementation, continuous improvement and measurement/verification. Our subject matter experts have managed successful projects in the military, banking, universities, manufacturing, state and local and hospitals. Please email for more information.

Efficient Technologies

Delivering a strong return on investment (ROI), the Viridis technologies are focused on three main areas. First to make building controls & systems, and the people who operate them, more productive. Second to deliver leading edge technology to lower water, power consumption as well as cost across large portfolio of buildings, and third security; to insure all systems and technology implementations are secure from compromise from planning the day of implementation through ongoing management. Please email for more information.

Portfolio Operations

Monitoring and managing many buildings with an emphasis around efficiency in power, water and process is what you can expect from the Viridis Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP). The system normalizes and consolidates building telemetry into a central energy management location, in a private or public cloud. From there, action can be taken to improve system performance, manage utility bills or operate a preventative maintenance program. This solution does not require a rip and replace, it works with your installed systems. Please email for more information.


Our process is prescriptive and enables our customer to see, step by step, the benefits and process to become and operate a smart energy efficient portfolio of buildings.

  • Assess

    We conduct an assessment that considers environmental, economic, social, and cultural factors. We assess carbon emissions, energy utilization, construction and operation of a building and compare this to a 'to-be' state that considers improvements in efficiency, cost and operation.

  • Design

    Once assessments are completed, a detailed report that includes design, energy conservation measures and recommendations can be evaluated by our customers. This typically includes a high level ROI study.

  • Implement

    After the customer determines the technology and service needed, implementation follows. All the included technologies are deployed, and communications enabled.

  • Monitor and Manage

    To insure savings are being achieved by the design and technologies, a monitoring system will be installed to collect, monitor and manage energy consumption across all buildings and systems. Since savings compound year over year, it’s imperative that savings are actively measured.


Smart Building Power Solutions

A multifunctional power quality transformer that reduces kWh consumption while significantly clipping kW demand spikes. This makes electrical energy more efficient so less is consumed.

Enterprise Sustinability Platforms

A comprehensive enterprise sustainability platform (ESP) to provide ongoing energy reduction and management of portfolios of buildings from 10-10,000.

Infrastructure Security

Security is part of all we do. When devices are connected to a network, security assessments and services are utilized to insure systems are not compromised directly or impact the security of other systems or controls.

Solar Energy Solutions

Our photovoltaic system is an automated design, placement and configuration tool and can be used to deliver end-to-end solar systems. We also offer "off grid" solar powered lighting that requires no trenching or wiring.

Water Treatment & Purification

Viridis offers two types of water treatment technologies. The first system is used to treat all types of municipal, agricultural, and industrial water at a fraction of the cost of other systems. The second system is intended to treat chiller tower water without the use of chemicals, while reducing costs, saving water and increasing equipment lifespan.

Lighting & Controls

Viridis delivers LED lighting, with or without new fixtures including solar powered street lights. The system includes smart controls for motion and since they are IP enabled, provides the physical security team with notifications of presence at night or times when employees are not expected to occupy certain locations.

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  • David Case

    Building Manager, Missouri Facility

    I just wanted to tell you how much I like Viridis - they save us money and make us more secure!
    In this age of ioT threats and increasing facility costs, its necessary to unify the management and monitoring of your facilities!

  • Tina Krueger

    Sustainable Facility Architect, Parsons

    Viridis uses a holistic approach that improves facility value while saving money.

  • Josh Clooney

    Lighting Specialist, Illuminate

    The security aspects of lighting solutions are becoming more relevant every day. Viridis puts the right emphasis on evaluating security implications.


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